Bill Meilen
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Longshore Lyrics
Introduction - 0
Senses - 1
Kraal Boma - 2
St.Davy's Blues - 3
The Braw Lads - 4
Childhood Echoes - 5
Frädi Cat - 6
Hankuk Recall - 7
Fireworks at English Bay - 8
Depense - 9
La Reine de Cuisine - 10
Light and Day - 11
Handout - 12
Nelson Street - 13
Framegame - 14
Love in Vancouver - 15
Short Walk Eastside - 16
Drumsongs - 17
Pelt of the Ten Tines - 18
Buddybombs - 19
Coho Communion - 20
Ravenpromise - 21
Fireworks at English Bay
It was teeming, as the ants flooded down
To watch those big bangs at water’s edge
And the policeman watched for infringement
Of the Rule of Law—while the songs sung
Had a black beat that night on Denman Street.
It was China’s night—those who invented
That mixture for the first big bangs—
Carbon, Sulfur and saltpeter in even measure—
Beginning the trail leading to the cobalt bomb
After Korea—fireworks are a pale comparison
To those flames shot into limbs and torsos
Mills grenades bobbing merrily downhill
The spatter of Bren–guns chopping up the day.
On Denman it was knives drawn in the dark
Sudden stabbings, death in the main street
Dealt by misunderstood youths who could not help
Being feral as wharf–rats in a civilized society,
Knowing that whatever they did to other citizens
No harm would come to them.