Bill Meilen
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Reynal shook his head. “My God, you people are remarkably stupid.”He looked down at the parchment. “You want me to sign to this effect?”

“And swear upon your honour.”

Reynal looked tired and old. “What harm can there be in that? You want me to raise my hand?”

”Yes,” said the Barbouze chief.

Reynal raised his one hand and looked at the parchment. “I swear upon my honour as a soldier of France to eschew political statements and involvements in the affairs of Metropolitan France.” Lowering his hand he grimaced. “Now kindly leave me to get on with my solitaire.”

”Sign first,” insisted Softer, placing a fountain pen beside the paper.

Reynal picked up the pen and scrawled quickly, picking up the paper and the pen and handing them to Soller.

Soller took them disdainfully and stowed them in a pocket. “Eh bien,” he said. “Give this criminal his prosthetic arm and some plain civilian clothing. We leave immediately.”