Bill Meilen
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battle of modern times. Thereafter it had been a round of camps, men moved en masse. He fell asleep with an endless line of ghostly faces passing him.

As midnight approached the men had been deep asleep for some time. Suddenly the door at the end opened and MacDonald came striding in, bagpipes playing ‘Highland Laddie’ at full blast, closely followed by Hamish Sutherland in full kilt. It was a truly rude awakening as the two marched the length of the compartment, did an about turn, and marched right out again, pibroch blazing a flame of wrath, leaving every prisoner bright-eyed and wide awake. As the door closed behind the piper and the skirl of the pipes died away, the surprised Germans sat and stared at each other like shocked cockatoos, then gradually settled back to sleep, muttering about Tommy insanity. The train rocked and thundered on through the night.